MB Pest Control Services

Have you spotted a small amount of droppings around your property & not sure where they are coming from? Mice have a tendency to leave droppings in areas they have been, especially warm, dry houses where they will try to set up a nest.


Once inside a property, Mice can cause significant damage to areas such as skirting boards and walls & this can be the same to the exterior of a property such as gardens and your wildlife.


If not treated quickly and effectively, Mice will reproduce in a short time span & this can happen repeatedly so before you know it a small nest of Mice can become a large problem & harder to deal with. There are many health risks to having Mice within your property too due to the bacteria and dirt they will carry within their fur.


If you’ve spotted Droppings or the Mice themselves, contact us today and we will ensure the issue is dealt with in a timely and professional manner.